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About Us

About Us


The main problem people are faced with in the visa application process is keeping up with the changing laws and regulations, which can make the process very difficult and stressful. Applying for a visa using old forms or upon past regulations is a very common mistake done by applicants. Thus, Vize4uk is here for you, in order to make the application process much simpler and stress-free, helping avoiding any mistakes and problems that may arise within the process.

We are a UK based company which is located in central London. We give guidance and support for those with immigration issues, who wish to work or study in the UK, with our governmental permission from the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our solutions are unique and depend on your condition and purpose of visit and stay within the UK. We aim to be your guide, advisor and expert with more than 14 years of experience within the field of visa and immigration services. Vize4uk promises to be with you in each step of the application process, including; the preparation of the necessary documents, completion of application forms, as well as advice upon the required personal statements and guidance to help with the interview process for your visa.

One of our most important roles consist of assisting you about your choice of visa in the most accurate way. Deciding to change your life in any size or form is a highly difficult decision to make, such as wanting to work or study in another country on your own. With the guidance and consultancy we provide along this way, we make sure your needs are fulfilled in the most efficient way and ensure that the choice or path chosen is the one most suitable to you, and the one which will make you the happiest or most successful. Client satisfaction is what we function upon and the happier our clients leave, the more motivation and desire we have in bettering ourselves and the services we have on offer. Deciding to work with us will make us very proud and it is our promise to keep up to the expectations and not let down our clients trusts.

UKVI have application charges dependent upon the visa type being applied to, which is independent from us and not under our control. The only additional cost we charge is for the consultancy service we provide through the process, which varies depending on the individual and their case. In order to get more information upon our charges, please contact us via a call +44 20 7734 6467 or through email on